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Petroleum Engineering

Cost Effective Petroleum Engineering and Reservoir Modeling Services

What we do

About Bastion Engineering

This company was created to meet a need in the banking industry for knowledgeable and independent review of oil and gas reserves by qualified and licensed petroleum engineers.

Specialized Service

Our focus is on the analysis of reserved based lending. With our select clientele, we are better able to offer customized and responsive results delivered on our clients’ timeline.

Accurate and Meaningful Data

 Small details make a difference. We believe that the small details can be critical in evaluating the credit-worthiness of your borrowers. Our specialized expertise gives you confidence that we are focused on providing meaningful results. 

The Logical Choice

We tailor our business to each customer’s situation. Whatever your needs happen to be, talk to us today about how we can help you meet them.


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Reserve Reports

Evaluate all aspects of your company: reserves, economics, and drill schedule; by a licensed professional engineer for the purposes of government filings, bank loans, and/or equity financing.

Bank Loan Evaluations

Examine all economics and apply client pricing, risking, and discount parameters, to deliver highly customized and accurate reports in a time-sensitive environment.

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Appraise producing, non-producing, and undeveloped opportunities to assess current market value of assets.

Reserve Quality Control/Check

Review all outputs provided by internal engineer to assure portfolio is within bank provided parameters.

Field Studies

Calculate porosity, permeability, water saturation, pressure, OOIP/OGIP, and other parameters to identify areas with high probability of production success.

Estate Evaluations

Tailor reports for individual mineral rights owners for tax purposes, marriage or divorce proceedings, inheritance calculations, or other purposes.

Stress Testing Analysis

Provide multiple economic scenarios (effective date, pricing, capital) to comply with Dodd-Frank and Basel III regulations.

Bankruptcy Evaluation

Audit company reserves and economic parameters to appraise true market value of assets.


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